Travel in style over 50: 5 things that are never missing from my packing list

Travel essentials for 50plus women travellers

I like travelling, I travel a lot. I have a digital packing list. Depending on the location, activity and weather forecast, it varies a little of course, but I always have 5 things in my luggage, no matter where I’m going, no matter how long I’m staying.

Here are my 5 ultimate 50plus travel in style travel essentials:

At least one black dress.

Sometimes thinner (here in Thailand it’s made of silk with a slight stretch and from Annette Görtz), sometimes thicker, sometimes with long sleeves, sometimes sleeveless. I also love the Aurora pure dresses from Wolford. The important thing is that it is easy to wash by hand and dries quickly. For a cheap, chic and super comfortable travel dress, check out Fashion News: the perfect travel dress now at uniqlo.

At least one cardigan.

For (air-conditioning) cold, too much sun, rain showers and also to cover your arms. Can be tucked into your rucksack and still never looks creased. This one is made from a very light summer knit and has seen the whole world.

At least one rucksack.

When you’re on holiday, you always end up carrying more with you. In addition to the usual suspects (money, lipstick, tissues), you often also need sun cream, a bottle of water, a power bank, travel cutlery, a camera, sunglasses and/or an umbrella.) A normal handbag is usually not enough or becomes uncomfortable in the long run if carried on one side. I usually have at least 3 very light rucksacks in my luggage to match my outfits. A black one from Longchamp, a rose gold one from Loqi and a reflective one, which is a very practical accessory, especially in the dark.

At least one pair of sunglasses.

But better several. One really stylish pair, one with prescription for driving, one cheap pair for all kinds of water sports.

A pair of high heels.

Not at least, but a pair for travelling in style. On summer holidays, I love wedges, i.e. shoes with a wedge heel, and espadrilles in particular. They are chic enough for most restaurants, beach clubs and bars anyway, but comfortable enough to go for a walk in. In winter, I travel with boots or ankle boots with a small heel. Of course, you don’t need them.
Basically, these 4 pairs are enough. Around the world with 4 pairs of shoes – shoe packing list for women travelling the world. But they are nice to have.