Armani / Silos Milan – is it worth a visit?

Armani / Silos Milan - is it worth a visit?

The Armani / Silos is a fashion art space in Milan dedicated to the Armani style. It is actually a former grain silo that now houses one of the most beautiful fashion exhibitions on three floors. Giorgio Armani had a monument built here during his lifetime that beautifully showcases his more than 40 years of work.

When the lift opens on the third floor, you immediately sense the elegance and understatement that each individual item of clothing in the permanent Armani collection exudes.

In the centre is a single red gown.

I literally devour the outfits on the top floor. Timeless cuts, luxurious fabrics. I found it incredibly difficult to categorise individual decades. I would want to wear every single one of them straight away.

The digital archive and a small cinema room await at the end.

The videos provide an insight into the work and creative output of Giorgio Armani. Scorsese’s “The Jacket” from 1990 describes how Armani developed the idea for his women’s jackets and how these jackets enabled women to create a look that is both powerful and seductively feminine and elegant.

A separate area of the permanent exhibition is dedicated to Armani’s own interpretation of the androgynous look. Neutral colours, fabrics familiar from men’s tailoring, paired with flowing cuts and accentuated waists. Armani has recognisably developed the women’s trouser suit from collection to collection and yet has always remained true to the original in its own way.

The Armani exhibition at Armani / Silos is not organised chronologically but thematically. In addition to “Androgynous”, there are also the themes of ethnicity and stars.

ETHNICITIES shows the strong influence that non-Western cultures have had on Armani’s creations and how he interprets them in his very own style. And STARS celebrates the Armani looks we recognise from the silver screen or the red carpet.

And, of course, the accessories are not to be missed.

You can’t buy them here, but there’s always the Armani flagship store in the city centre. And if you simply can’t leave the museum without a souvenir, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in the small but excellent museum shop. An absolute recommendation for anyone interested in fashion in Milan.

So is the Armani / Silos museum in Milan worth the trip? Definitely.

And one thing I promise you: After a visit to the Armani Museum, you can’t help but notice Armani’s influence on the well-dressed women of Milan. Rarely have I seen so many trouser suits and – although I hardly ever wear trousers – I felt the need to get one myself. So pack light on your next trip to Milan and take a lot of pocket money with you instead.

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