Travel in style – beauty essentials for long-distance flights

Travel in style – beauty essentials for long-distance flights
To be honest, even at 25 I didn’t exit a plane beamingly beautiful like Victoria Beckham in a cashmere poncho and high heels either but still those were different times. The older I get the less I’m capable of putting up with the dry air, the uncomfortable seats, and the reheated plane food.

Travel in style – beauty essentials for long-distance flights
But in order to not look 10 years older after 10 hours in the air, these beauty essentials are with me on every long-distance flight:
a SOS Hydra Intensive face mask in a sample size. Put on right at the beginning of the flight this provides your face with loads of moisture without clinging to your face like a film.
L’occitane hand lotion which I also use on my feet. Take off your shoes, apply the lotion, put on your comfy socks, and a few hours later your feet are super soft and supple enough to slip back into your shoes inspite of the unavoidable swelling.
Elizabeth Arden eight hour lip protectant for lips that stay soft and are protected against the dry air with just the perfect hint of colour.
Sometimes the Sagella single wrap intimate care wet wipes and some kleenex are a lifesaver.
A decongestant spray for your nose and some really good earplugs (I like the wax version best).
A sleep mask helps you through the night, I prefer the ones that have two straps like the one by This works and I spray it with a pillow spray like Rituals Bed & Body spray. Together they help you get some sleep even if your neighbour leaves their reading lamp on all the time and hasn’t used deodorant in a while.
A toothbrush (Victor & Rolf travel size for KLM, fits your ziplock bag) and toothpaste, because nothing is worse than having to fall asleep with the rest of your plane meal between your teeth.
A small fleece blanket because the ones you get on the plane are way too small and too thin.
Shortly before landing it’s time for some last minute help:
Clarins Flash Balm to get rid of fine lines
Astor lip butter in a neutral rosewood colour that doubles as rouge
and shortly before getting off a tiny veil of Clarins Ever Matte powder and bam – you can see hardly a trace of the flight any more.

If all these beauty essentials don’t help, you need either a good pair of sunglasses or a free business class upgrade.

How you get that or how you can at least improve your chances you can soon read here on the blog.

Until then: have a great long-distance flight and do let me know about your favourite beauty essentials!