Burano highlights – 3 tips for Instagrammers and all other travellers to Venice

Burano highlights - 3 tips for Instagrammers and all other travellers to Venice

Burano. An island of colour at the north-eastern tip of Venice, characterised by the brightly painted facades of the fishermen’s houses, which can be found not just a few metres along the shore, but all over the (admittedly quite small) island. Vibrant shades of red, yellow, green and blue as far as the eye can see. A few years ago, Instagrammers also discovered this backdrop for themselves.

But whether you’re travelling here for a selfie, a tour of the island or an aperitif, the little excursion is definitely worth it. Here are my 3 tips:

If you have a day to spare, you can first take the vaporetto to Murano and visit one of the glass factories there (just go there, there are times posted when the next glass-blowing demonstration is due).

1. Burano is particularly beautiful in the afternoon and not quite so crowded.

It gets much quieter from 5 pm, when the American cruise ship travellers have also left. Line 12 runs to Burano via Murano and takes about 40 minutes from Fondamenta Nove.

2. The best ice cream is at Gelateria Crema.

And if you can’t decide between an ice cream and the island’s typical biscuits (Bussola Buranei, but there are also S-shaped Essi), you can also find biscuit-flavoured ice cream here. Delicious.

Gelateria Crema – Calle della Provvidenza, 230: https://g.co/kgs/p WmER8

3. If you want a colourful selfie or photo of yourself, you should choose a bright colour for your outfit.

Unlike the colourful houses at Cologne’s fish market, for example, the fishermen here have chosen bold façade colours. If the stories are to be believed, it was to make it easier to find your way home after a long day at sea. My recommendation would be a strong red or a bright yellow colour.

Especially in the afternoon, it’s also worth wandering through the small alleyways beyond the waterways if you want to take photos where you don’t have to retouch out 10 other people behind you.

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