Milan – 5 tips for a long weekend in the city of fashion for fashionistas

Milan - 5 tips for a long weekend

Milano. MILAN. A name that promises a lot of joie de vivre.

And it delivers. Extremely well-dressed people drink espresso in small street cafés, stroll a little through the city’s many small boutiques or outlets, go from there seamlessly to an Aperol spritz and end the day in one of the many fine restaurants with a saffron risotto followed by ossobuco a la Milanese.

If you’re now thinking “I want to do that too!”, I have a few tips for Milan for you:

  • Go in spring or autumn, because in summer the city is unbearably hot. 
    Even in October, accommodation with a pool is still worthwhile, for example this one (in the Navigli district):
  • Spend the night in beautiful Navigli.
    The district feels a bit like the southern part of Cologne, only even better because of the small canals, which – a bit like in Venice – provide car-free alleyways full of restaurants. Here you can stroll, people-watch and keep discovering new bars, cafés and restaurants that invite you to linger.
    “Milan is a metropolis that looks to the future without forgetting its past.” – Giorgio Armani
  • If you are in Milan for the first time, you should – in addition to the many other great museums and current exhibitions – at least visit the Armani / Silos, a museum with which Giorgio Armani memorialised his life’s work during his lifetime.
    On three floors, you can get a wonderful overview of the various focal points of his collection. And then later in the city you can see how much Armani’s style, especially the women’s jackets and trouser suits, has characterised and continues to influence the style of the Milanese. For more information, check out my post: Armani / Silos Milan – is it worth a visit?
  • Eat as much as you can.
    If there’s one place where you shouldn’t go on a diet, it’s Milan. From the cheap and super tasty torta al testo (an Italian flatbread from Umbria) at Testone to the classic saffron risotto al la Milanese or ossobuco at Al Coniglio Bianco or at Osteria Conchetta https://www.osteriaconchetta. it/ (be sure to make a reservation for both, no matter what day), or – if your budget allows – a Michelin-starred restaurant (we highly recommend the Ristorante Sadler and be sure to try the saffron vermouth!), you should never miss an opportunity to savour Milanese cuisine.
  • Last but not least, a little strolling and sightseeing in the city centre should also be on the agenda.
    La Scala, Milan Cathedral and the GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II should not be missed on a first visit.

What I personally liked most about Milan were the many incredibly friendly, helpful and open-minded people we met here. In all languages, with hands and feet, nobody who didn’t help us, so much hospitality, so many courteous waiters, so many passers-by with a smile and a greeting on their lips – I have rarely experienced this.
But who can be grumpy with so much good food and so much beautiful fashion?

Try it out for yourself. Looking at the grey and uncomfortable autumn sky of Cologne, it can only get better.

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