Packing light yet stylishly: 3 tips for women who find it difficult

Travelling light and in style - packing light tips from a fashionistaWhen it comes to travelling, packing is often a necessary evil – especially for women who want to travel in style without dragging a huge suitcase behind them. I have two friends who regularly turn up at my place in Cologne with very heavy luggage, true to the motto “You never know”, and who realise on the return journey that they could have easily left half of their clothes at home.

Because actually, you often know pretty well. Especially on short trips and long weekends, the individual activities are usually already planned and the weather is (relatively) predictable. With a little planning, travelling is easy and stylish. Here are three tips that could help you and my two friends to pack more minimally next time and still be chic when travelling in all situations.

1. Plan early: strategic preparation

The secret to packing light and in style lies in strategic preparation. I start planning my trip in detail a week in advance. I think as carefully as possible about which activities are on the programme and which outfits I would prefer to wear. Then I think about how I could combine the individual outfit ideas and what I could do without. I always decide at home and don’t take any spare outfits with me (apart from underwear and socks).

I check the weather at my destination to make sure I’m prepared for any weather conditions. I have a black rain coat from UNIQLO that doesn’t look too much like a mackintosh and is suitable for eating out in fancy restaurants if need be.

Then I make a list in my head of the events and the essential items of clothing and accessories. This helps me to keep an overview and avoid overpacking. I usually also plan space for one or two extra items – such as a cashmere stole or warm leggings – in case something unexpected comes up. And I also think carefully about what I want to wear on the journey. Ideally, the outfit should match the first item on the programme (and, in my case, my luggage).

2. Combine skillfully: Versatility is the most important thing when packing light

To save space without having to sacrifice stylish outfits, I choose clothes that I can wear in different ways. For example, a black dress can be worn with a blazer for a formal occasion or with trainers and a denim jacket for a casual day. I make sure that most of my clothes go well together so that I can put together different outfits from a limited selection of pieces.

Accessories such as scarves, tights and jewellery are also wonderful multi-taskers and can quickly elevate a simple outfit.

The choice of footwear is actually particularly important when travelling light. I travel with a maximum of two pairs of shoes, one of which I wear. From autumn to spring, I travel in a pair of flat boots or ankle boots, in summer I travel in ballerinas or sneakers. I always have a pair of high heels in my luggage for going out.

3. Stick to one colour palette: Harmony in your suitcase

One of the most effective ways to simplify packing and still stay stylish is to stick to a colour palette. It’s best to choose monochrome garments in neutral colours such as black, white or cream, which are easy to combine and look elegant. For me, it’s always black.

If you love colour, opt for an additional colour (for example for tights, scarves or bags) that harmonises well with your neutral tone. Whether it’s a pastel shade, an earth tone or a bright colour like an eye-catching pink, as long as it doesn’t get too colourful, a colour or colour family is easy to combine with the neutral colour and can add a personal touch to outfits without overloading the suitcase.

With these tips, I usually manage to pack light without being underdressed when I get there. By planning ahead, mixing and matching skilfully and sticking to a well-thought-out colour scheme, you can not only save space when packing, but also be stylish when travelling.

My loved ones know who I’m talking about… I’ll let you know whether or not I have to help them carry their suitcases up the stairs again next time… 🙂